UPDATE for Stanford Dining Workers’ Campaign

Sticker Action_Lagunita workers_2018.01.12

Stanford Dining workers have stood up to hold management accountable to their lack of respect and the poor working conditions they have created by paying more attention to the bottom line than the workers that fulfill their mission. Other SEIU Local 2007 members, students, and community allies have also stood up in solidarity to push for the change that is desperately needed. We are not done yet! The Dining Committee has put together an update to their campaign and has laid out their demands to share with our community:

Stanford Dining Workers keep pushing for "Respect and a fair workload"
Stanford Dining Workers keep pushing for “Respect and a fair workload”

The Sticker Action that took place on January 12th, 2018 and Stanford University’s response caught the attention of KPIX 5. The following video aired on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 15th, 2018.

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