LBRE Reaches Out to Union Leaders Regarding Air Quality Conditions

Stanford poor airquality

It’ll be a long time before anyone forgets about the disastrous Camp fire and the terrible air quality we all experienced as a result of the wildfire. With Sonoma County on fire, SEIU Local 2007 union members have been paying close attention to our employers’ reactions. Will they be better prepared?

We want to give props to LBRE at Stanford University for reaching out to leaders early to inform us that they are monitoring the air quality for the workers within the department. LBRE’s Executive Director, Robert Carpenter, learned from last year – gardeners, tree specialists, plumbers, road maintenance, irrigation specialists, HVAC techs, etc. can’t avoid going outside while at work during these natural disasters. We also want to point out that it was LBRE last year that made the call to release workers, with pay, when the Air Quality Index reported dangerous levels for almost a week!

Our thoughts go out to those affected by the wild fire and the power outages.

We’ll keep you all posted!