New Stanford CBA Available!

Well Brothers and Sisters it has been about 6 months since we ratified the contract that was negotiated with Stanford University. We are happy to announce we finally have a digital copy available. Please note that this copy is not the executed copy – We are currently gathering signatures from our Negotiations Team members and management so we can send the document to the printers! Until we can get a physical copy in your hands, you can reference the document below.

EIU - PD FAMILY LEAVE - win! (1)
A few items that we won but are not within the contract are: 6 weeks of paid family leave, additional backup child care days (we get 10 now!), and free feminine hygiene products in all female and gender neutral bathrooms (still in the works).

Articles and side letters that were modified during negotiations are:

2.3 Union representatives: Stewards
2.5 Stewards’ paid time
3.5 University temporary employees report
4.1 General Provisions – Grievance & Arbitration Procedure
4.2.B.3.A Definition: Worker and Union Grievances
4.3.A.2 Voluntary resolution of workplace issues brought by worker
4.3.C – deleted
4.3.D – deleted
4.4.A Grievance process
4.4.C step 1 meeting
4.4.D Step 2: Appeal to Stanford ELR
4.5 Arbitration
5.1 Seniority
5.7 Equality of Treatment
6.4 Vacant jobs
6.7 Applications – Employment, classifications and training
6.9 Posting of vacancies/exposure
6.11 trial period
6.12 Job classifications
7.2 Breaks
7.3 Shift restrictions
7.4.D Daily overtime pay (nothing substantial changed here)
7.4.E Weekly overtime pay (nothing substantial changed here)
7.4.F Make-up time
7.5 other forms of pay
7.7 Alternative Work Schedules (AWS)
8.2.A Vacation
8.2.C Vacation amount
8.2.D Vacation use
8.2.E.2 Alterations to approved vacations
8.5 Pregnancy disability leave (nothing substantial changed here)
9.13 Work outside of classification
11.2.C Medical Contribution Assistance Program
11.3 Medical plan coverage for new hires
11.5 Staff Pension
11.9 Travel and other insurance
Side letter – Realignment
Side letter 2 – SLAC, SSRL
Side letter 11 – Energy Operations (EO) – LBRE
Side letter 13 – Workers at Stanford Redwood City Campus