Vote 2/1/2018

Show your solidarity, get out and vote Thursday February 1st 7 AM to 5 PM!

Campaign Statements

Polling Locations:


  • Bon Air Siding Conference Room – 327 Bon Air Siding
  • Ricker Dining Hall – The Green Room238 Santa Teresa St.
  • Alway Building Computer Lab – M206  300 Pasteur Dr.
  • Gerhard Casper Dining Commons (formally Manzanita) – 661 Escondido Rd.



  • Training room, building 003

Vote 2018

Attorney Helps Stewards Get Familiar With Family and Medical Leave Act

New Media training helps staff learn to connect with it’s members. Stewards and organizers will be collecting personal email addresses and cell phone #’s from members to keep them informed and in the loop as 2007 builds it’s solidarity.

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Please Welcome Our New Executive Director

We are excited to welcome our new Executive Director, Francisco Preciado!

Francisco has experience working in local and state politics. He has advised California State Assembly Members and State Senators, managed a non-profit, worked as a union organizer, and completed several legal externships. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law, where he was recognized for his work assisting low-income workers. Francisco has a Masters Degree in Mexican American Studies from San Jose State University, and a dual Bachelors Degree in Political Science and Chicano(a) Studies from Stanford University.

Francisco is committed to social justice and is excited to rejoin the labor movement. Welcome back Francisco!

Message From The President

Brothers and Sister,

It’s an honor to represent all of us once more and I promise to continue to do everything possible for us to have a meaningful, respected and protected voice through our Union in the design and execution of our work. I will do everything possible to make sure we are treated fairly and equitably in our jobs.

This month marks the beginning of our second year of our new contract. Our 2014 Negotiations Team led by former President Paul Regalado negotiated a 2.5% increase effective September 1st, 2015 for us which will be reflected on your paycheck September 22nd, 2015.

Since Jim Berk founded the Stanford Workers back in 1973 we United Stanford workers have stood together to improve the terms of our many contracts.

We have a proud history of standing up for the rights that we have won over the years through tough times and good times. I have no doubt that together we can only make our place of employment and our communities an even better place to work and live.

“The boss don’t listen when one guy squawks, but he’s got to listen when the Union talks”

Join me as we move our Union forward together.

In Unity, Jose N. Escanuela
President, SEIU Local 2007