The Ball is in Your Court Stanford!

The Ball is in your Court Stanford

Stanford University has been interested in discussing wages with the Local for months now. In fact, there has barely been a negotiations session where they haven’t asked about it! Yesterday, our Negotiations Team finally gave the University what they are asking for – our wage and contract term proposal.

We are asking for 21% over a 3 year 1 month contract. Our Chief Negotiator and Executive Director, Francisco Preciado, pointed out that the Local is not being unreasonable and asking for the 107% wage increase that was given to Robert Reidy (Vice President, LBRE) in 2016 that brought him to a $1.5 million salary. Nor are we asking for the 9% wage increase that John Etchemendy (former Provost, Stanford) received in 2016 that brought him to approximately $734,000 salary.

The average bargaining unit member makes $32.90 per hour that means, if this proposal were to go in affect exactly as it is, the average bargaining unit member would see a $2.30 pay raise the first year, a $2.46 pay raise the second year, and a $2.64 pay raise the third year.

Stanford, show us how much you really value labor. The ball is in your court now.