Contact Us

Primary Contact for issues should always be your Assigned Steward or Asst. Steward.

If your Steward is not available please contact your Worksite Organizer

Our office number is 650-723-3680
Monday thru Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm



Local 2007

Office: (650)723-3680
Fax: (650)723-3650

466 Via Ortega
Building E, Suite E5, Stanford, CA 94305

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 19152
Stanford, CA 94305


  • Jose Escanuela – President
  • David Perkins, Vice President
  • Peggy Kemper, Treasurer
  • Richard Patrone, Secretary
  • Dale Miller, Delegate
  • Steve May,¬†Delegate
  • Tim McVey, Trustee
  • Francisco Preciado, Executive Director
  • Seth Leibson, Worksite Organizer
  • Johannes Raatz, worksite organizer
  • Jenna Mains,¬†Finance Manager
  • Rafael Guerra, ¬†Stanford Chief Steward
  • Scot Johnson, Stanford Chief Steward
  • Ray Menchaca, Santa Clara University Chief Steward

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