Stanford University & SLAC

Local leaders have been speaking regularly with Stanford University representatives to ensure the health, safety, and security of the bargaining unit and our community. As changes in state and local shelter -in-place orders more of the membership will start returning to work. That being said, Stanford University finally committed to a pay continuance, no matter hours worked, until August 31st, 2020.

Bargaining unit members who are (and have been!) working onsite will receive a 10% premium for all hours worked. Local leaders negotiated this premium on behalf of the bargaining unit given the extra risk members take when returning to the job. This premium went into effect at 12:01am on Tuesday, March 17th and will remain until the Shelter In Place orders are lifted or Stanford provides the proper notice to end the premium. You can find all of the details in side letter 15.

Starting on May 22nd 2020, all members who work on-site at a Stanford (including SLAC) location are required to complete a Health Check questionnaire prior to arriving at the job site. SEIU Local 2007 and Stanford are now under agreement that workers will receive 6 minutes of paid time for every time a Health Check is completed. This is NOT supposed to change workers’ shifts, the understanding is that the 6 minutes is outside of the workers’ shift. If your boss tries to adjust your shift to not pay overtime – CALL YOUR STEWARD / ORGANIZER!

Since the end of March, Stanford University has had a hiring “pause” except for those positions deemed “essential” such as those working within the School of Medicine. SLAC continues to post bargaining unit positions.

Union updates are made in English and Spanish. Las actualizaciones de la union se hacen en ingles y español.

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